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"The history of government management of money has, except for a few short happy periods, been one of incessant fraud and deception." -- economist Fredrich August von Hayek (1899-1992) 

Somehow liberals have been unable to acquire from life what conservatives seem to be endowed with at birth:  namely, a healthy skepticism of the powers of government agencies to do good.  The liberal left can be as rigid and destructive as any force in American life. - Former U.S. Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Larry Agran, Harvey Liss, and Agranistas continue to kick the dead horse of "toxic substances" at Portola High School website

August 26, 2016 OC Register     

Dueling audits

The state auditor released its own audit of the Irvine Great Park audit this month that was highly critical of the methods and practices the city and its auditor employed, arguing they “compromised the review’s credibility.” Yet, what the audit doesn’t seem to take much issue with is the Irvine audit’s actual findings.
To be sure, when politicians get involved, politics ensues. But what remains to be seen for us is why the state Legislature chose to sic the state auditor on the city of Irvine now, while turning a blind eye for more than a decade to the largesse at the Great Park.
The Democratic-controlled Legislature was nowhere in sight while $200 million in development funds was spent to complete less than one-sixth of the project to convert the closed El Toro Marine Corps air base into a huge regional park. Neither was the Legislature’s interest piqued by Great Park audits conducted during the years of Democratic control, which found nothing amiss.
It seems that the Legislature only jumps into action when Gafcon Inc., a one-time donor to Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, who proposed the state audit to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee three times, is threatened, not when millions in taxpayer dollars were seemingly wasted at the 688-acre park site.

OC Register  July 16, 2015 

Over the past decade, the Irvine City Council was controlled by Larry Agran and Beth Krom.  They ran the Great Park with an iron fist, hiring their friends, favorite consultants and passing out public money at a feverish pace - and they ran the project into a ditch. - Dick Ackerman, former Irvine city councilman, mayor, assemblyman, and state senator

"There is strong evidence of serious mismanagement of the Great Park project, costing taxpayers significant amounts of public monies." - OC Grand Jury report

"The Grand Jury censured the old City Council for suppressing the true cost of the park.  We now have three grand jury reports and a detailed forensic audit condemning Beth Krom andLarry Agran's wasteful mismanagement of $250 mllion.  They should be held accountable for their misdeeds." - Dick Ackerman

[I think six months in jail would be appropriate.  Just six months.]

May 28  

April 29, 2015

At the Irvine city council meeting last night, the usual band of Agranistas and Krombs showed up in numbers.  As usual, they repeated the same complaint, over and over and over, like a broken record.  This time they were drumming up the "toxic contamination" scare tactic, over soil at the Portola High School site under construction - soil which has  been removed!

These are the same people who drive to city council meetings demanding a stop to new residential development because it will "increase traffic."  They increase traffic by driving to city hall because they... hate traffic so much.  Oh and the next city council meeting, like last night, they cheer all the hundreds of thousands of visitors who drive to the Great (sic) Park and call for more.  They never consider their own crazy hypocrisy.  

The scary diesel fuel which stained soil 15 to 30 feet down, on a remote border of the Portola High  School site, was harmless far underground.  But it was removed anyway.  Now if Larry wants to save the students and teachers at Portola from "toxics," he should start with banning coffee.  Caffeine (1 pixel) is around 500 times more toxic than diesel fuel (orange, at left side of graph)  The LD50 is the amount per kilogram of body mass necessary to kill 50% of the study rats.  It doesn't take much caffeine.  It takes a lot of diesel fuel.


Chlorine is used to treat and purify our drinking water.  Chlorine can be poisonous.  It was used to kill thousands of troops in World War I.  But we drink it daily in our own homes, and swim in much higher concentrations in public and private swimming pools.  Larry Agran, Harvey Liss, and the followers they so eagerly bring to every public meeting (to repeat the same points endlessly), lack this perspective, which prevents them from being taken seriously by thinking adults.  Agran and Liss have already cost IUSD and the state of California hundreds of thousands of dollars, paid to test, and retest, and remove soil "in an abundance of caution," or in other words, to try to shut up the NIMBYs.  How many more millions of dollars would be squandered if they were to get their way?  Slightly aromatic soil, thirty feet underground, is no match for the solvents, pesticides, paint thinners, and cleaning chemicals in every garage and underneath every sink.

April 23   

Sukhee Agranista Kang announced he will run for state senator
Mr. Kang voted to approve the iShuttle white elephant, which will cost taxpayers $121,000,000 to run empty shuttle buses back and forth between OC Airport and the Tustin Amtrak station.
California is bankrupt thanks to tax and spend liberals like Sukhee Kang.  He does not deserve anybody's vote unless they support socialism and the welfare state.

April 7  "I served on the original Great Park Board of Directors.  Year after year I saw infectious self-interest, greed, cronyism, excessive spending and dishonesty." - Councilwoman Christina Shea (OCR April 5)

April 6  $260,000,000 to develop 88 acres at Great Park

"Professional negligence seems to be a polite term for how so much money was spent on so little." - Follow the Lost Money, OC Register, April Fools' Day, 2015

April 4, 2015  (over 2,500 hits to date)  In fairness to Larry Agran and his many Kool Aid drinking friends, this support of their antics, from the Christian Science Monitor, was quoted in the March OC Weekly:

"Move over, Manhattan," wrote an excited Christian Science Monitor reporter in April 2003. "Stand aside San Francisco. In Orange County, the final hurdle has been cleared for a 'county great park' that will exceed the size of Central Park and Golden Gate Park put together."

The reporter--who didn't know the mayor and his political scheming actually would be the final hurdles--went on to echo the mayor's oral machinations, declaring that "the area is considered America's leading laboratory of 'post suburbia' . . . "
Agran also provided the money quote, "We are finally moving forward with a plan that will transform the future of Orange County."
In pure Agranista form, the paper unquestioningly repeated his biggest lie in the title to a chapter in the article: "No cost to citizens."
[Mmmmm, not exactly.]

Wit and wisdom from OC Weekly editor, R. Scott Moxley:  
"Agran and Beth Krom, his robotic sidekick, blame the economy on their wild spending spree that emptied park coffers. Nobody but the pair's Kool-Aid drinkers ever bought that falsehood."


What struck me about some of the Rules for Radicals, by socialist Saul Alkinsky, mentor of Barack Obama, is how Larry Agran has used these same techniques for at least thirty years:

“Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new.

“The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist.  [COMMENT:  "Threat" and "terrifying" are how Agranistas and other leftists killed El Toro International Airport, and countless housing developments.  Fear, exaggeration, and outright lies are their metiers.]

“If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” [COMMENT:  Well, no,  a negative WON'T become a positive, except in the minds of leftist radicals.]

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”, Jan 10, 2014

"[Agran's] a man who has completely lost his perspective on what it means to be a public servant." - Former Agran ally, defense attorney Chris Mears

UCI professor Mark Petracca "painfully admitted he'd vote for Republican council candidates in Irvine over Agran because, at least, he didn't "question their honesty and their integrity."

"Page after page of the audit reveals how Agran, Krom and their bureaucrats shamelessly treated hundreds of millions of dollars in public funds as their own money. They repeatedly botched park planning, hid spending from other elected officials, hired cronies, doctored public records, concocted shell games, inflated sweetheart deals, lied to the public about the success of park planning and wasted tens of millions of dollars through sheer incompetence. Perhaps most troubling, they essentially used the park piggy bank as their re-election treasuries."

Great Park Audit Report of Special Counsel March 24, 2015

The City has extensive requirements concerning bidding of contracts and limiting sole source contracts. City contracting requirements were not followed consistently, as one-third of 83 contracts over $100,000 were not bid competitively or subject to “open competition,” nor was a record consistently made justifying sole source awards. - Page 84

 This unanticipated level of strong resistance from Mr. Agran has substantially increased audit costs and has also caused a delay in the release of this report. 
D. CONCLUSION. In a prior section of this report (Section III, Finance), we discussed the fact that the design of the Great Park was allowed to escalate past any level of possible funding, that no real budget constraints were imposed until the 2009 Business Plan, and that as a consequence, the City has spent $350 million, and now only has improvements in the 75-acre Western Section which cost $65 million to build. - Page 114  [Emphasis added]
[Larry said he is "proud" of what he did.]

March 21

Larry Agran's deposition with two attorneys representing Larry present

Larry acknowledged "prior audits did not detect millions of dollars"  paid due to billing irregularities and abuses by the Design Studio.
Page 27:

Don't worry about the cost.

"His (Richard Sim's) business plan turned out to be crap." - Larry Agran, Page 47
[Question:  How many businesses has Larry Agran run?  How many business plans for large developments has Agran written?  Zero.]

"These are the features that we managed to build.... attracted altogether visitation of about a million visitors." - Agran, Page 52
[Something comes to mind about all of Agran's audience pounding the dais again and again about the excessive "traffic" that is "ruining Irvine."  "No more development," they scream.  But a million visitors driving to the Great Park?  That's somehow good traffic?]

"Their (Ford & Mollrich) work, which had been exemplary on behalf of defeating the airport and using the Great Park project as a powerful rationale for defeating the airport had been extraordinary."  - Agran, Page 100

[Ford & Mollrich took the lead in "defeating the airport", using lies and scare tactics, and then was given a no-bid contract for $100,000 per month?  For public relations?  Agran called the principles "brilliant."  After 140 pages, I tired of reading this deposition and Larry's two attorneys endless lines of questions and "clarifications".   This boondoggle was orchestrated by Larry Agran, from the defeat of the airport only after three elections, to the current morass resulting from Larry's "vision".  It is quite clear that Agran rewarded Ford & Mollrich with this sweetheart contract as a reward for helping him kill the El Toro Airport.  If that was not illegal, I think it was unethical, unprofessional, and not in the public interest.  For years, whenever Larry didn't get his way, he has "activated" his storm troopers to come in to council chambers and pound the podium, endlessly repeating Larry's dictates.  It continues to this day.]

March 16

Richard Sim's deposition:
Mr. Sim was the Chairman of Irvine Company's Investment Properties division, and has 43 years of development experience.

"... this was an unethical way to do business and a bad business practice...
To hear that we were going to operate this business (the Great Park) in a slip shod manner and having no-bid contracts, and ethics were not important, it was just something that I could not tolerate, and I had to resign and I did." - Page 4
"Once Larry Agran and his group took control of this thing there were no budgets." - Page 5
"It was gross negligence, gross incompetence.  Wasted over $200 million." - Page 6
"My understanding is there weren't any budgets, there weren't any controls." - Page 8    
"I mean, it (the way Larry Agran handled everything) just made me sick." - Page 10  
"You know the Great Park did all the plans for the entire site.  We are the Irvine Company  would never have done that, never in a million years because what you would end up with is a lot of waste," - Page 13 [My note:  When has Larry Agran ever cared about wasting public monies?]
"... I have never seen such poor business practices, negligence and incompetence." - Page  14
"The Larry Agran Board made themselves the developer and ended up wasting the bulk of $200 Million." - Page 15

March 11

According to longtime Agran-campaign aide Pope, Anthony R. Taylor--the private attorney conducting the audit, a man universally touted for his role in locating stolen funds during the city of Bell municipal scandal and a recent recipient of statewide honors for his legal achievements--is incompetent. Taylor's work has so far outlined a cesspool of cheating and mismanagement at the Great Park during Agran's watch. [See "Larry Agran the Leech: Insider blames Great Park fiasco on corruption and incompetence," July 24, 2014.]  [Emphasis added] 

March 7

FDR's aide Harry Hopkins told an audience of New Deal activists in New York, "that we are not afraid of exploring anything within the law, and we have a lawyer who will declare anything you want to do legal." - Liberal Fascism, by Jonah Goldberg,  Doubleday, 2007, New York, p 158

March 6

"The simple fact is that when I took up my little sling and aimed at Communism, I also hit something else. What I hit was the forces of that great socialist revolution, which, in the name of liberalism, spasmodically, incompletely, somewhat formlessly, always in the same direction, has been inching its ice cap over the nation for two decades. ...[T]hough I knew it existed, I still had no adequate idea of its extent, the depth of its penetration or the fierce vindictiveness of its revolutionary temper, which is a reflex of its struggle to keep and advance its political power." - “Witness”, by Whittaker Chambers, ex-communist

"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under  the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist  program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened."    - - Norman Thomas, perennial Socialist Party presidential candidate and one of the founders of the ACLU.

Just months before Larry was voted out of office yet again, he, his wife and Friends Of Outrageous Larry were stamping their feet in the chambers for yet another gun restriction.  All theater it was, as usual.  Here are two interesting rebuttals to those intent on overturning our Second Amendment rights:

Deposition of former Irvine mayor, Sukhee Kang, from

Irvine's attorney:  "...there was an estimate of approximately 353 million in late 2003 by the city to construct the Great Park; and then by 2008 that estimate had changed, and it had increased to 1.6 billion.  Do you recall why that change occurred?"

Sukhee Kang:  "No I don't."
[An estimated cost increase of 1.25 billion dollars, and the Mayor of Irvine doesn't have any idea why !   Does Larry have any idea why?  Did he have more "visions"?   They must have been very big ones.  Larry said he was "confident it would be built and maintained using private funds."  A billion six private funds, do you think?  Friends Of Larry (FOLs, or more appropriately, FOOLs, are having conniption fits over 1.25 million dollars spent on the audit.  1.25 billion?  They don't bat an eye, as long as Larry does it.]

February 28

If Larry Agran has nothing to hide, then why is he refusing to answer auditors' questions in person?

OC Register

Irvine council to consider suing Agran to force testimony

Feb 29. 2015 by Sarah de Crescenzo


IRVINE – Less than a week after Councilwoman Christina Shea blamed the latest delay in the release of the Orange County Great Park audit on former Councilman Larry Agran and threatened to take him to court, the City Council is set to consider suing Agran to force his testimony.
The comprehensive review of more than $200 million spent on the park’s development began in June of 2013.
While Agran has called the audit politically motivated, its proponents have said the accounting is needed to determine whether spending was wasteful or inappropriate.
The timeline for the audit’s release has been repeatedly extended. On Tuesday, Shea said Agran’s demands to be deposed “on his own terms” were holding up the final report.
Earlier this week, Agran dismissed the intimation that he is at fault for the audit’s delay.
The audit began in 2013 while he was a council member, but he did not receive any request for audit-related information until after he was voted out of office in December, he said.
Agran said he agreed to respond via writing to queries about Great Park-related documents he has provided, but that the city demanded he answer in person.
He did not appear for the deposition scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday, according to a transcript from the meeting, held at the Irvine office of Aleshire & Wynder, the law firm overseeing the audit.
Through his attorney, Agran has requested the deposition be delayed until late March and that the city pay his legal fees.
The council has set a special meeting for 3:30 p.m. Monday at One Civic Center Plaza to decide whether to seek a court order to force Agran’s cooperation.
The resolution would also authorize the city’s special counsel to try and get back the money spent by the city in connection with that meeting.

November 5, 2014     1,347 hits               

Irvine rejects liberals, Larry Agran in particular

Mayor Choi's Party Time Pictures added November 22

Last edited October 17, 2014                    

I created this website to document some of the incredible mismanagement, narcissism, and incompetence of Larry Agran whose greatest skills are rhetoric, manipulating fellow leftists, and politicking, very much like the current occupant of the Oval Office. Excerpts from The Great Park Audit were originally posted, but since then, many more exposes and articles have been published. Some of the articles, opinions, or facts were added here after the original Audit post.  The only way someone as incompetent and liberal as Larry Agran could be elected in Irvine is with the support and vote of many thousands of temporary Irvine residents who are students at UCI.

Here is another website created by someone who recognizes Mr. Agran's wasteful and unprofessional practices and exposes them:

Oct 17, 2014

In a letter to the California Attorney General's office Tuesday, Agran called the audit "a serious and potentially illegal misuse of public funds" by the council majority to try to get ahead during an election year." - OC Register, Oct 16, 2014, page Local 11

The audit shows very strong evidence of "illegal misuse of public funds," in amounts far larger than the audit's million dollar cost Agran pretends to be concerned about.  Orange County's District Attorney seems to agree, and is investigating possible criminal actions, and hopefully will prosecute those responsible for misusing millions of dollars.  Some of the players have not been very cooperative.  It is becoming more clear why they continue to delay and hide.  Transparency frightens wrongdoers.  That's all the council wants - the facts, fall where they may.  Witches are not real, Mr. Agran. They don't exist, and so none will be found. Criminals, perhaps.  (We can only hope.)  Witches, no.

September 14, 2014

On his further efforts to infringe on property rights solely for his egotistical political purposes,  Slow Growth Straw Man

Forde's Theater:  Overpriced PR Consultant Confesses Great Park Plan Was A Dream

by R. Scott Moxley, editor, OC Weekly
Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Under Agran's mismanagement, $200 million was spent without construction of a single, major promised park feature.   Tens of millions of dollars were funneled to political operatives for ill-advised PR stunts or dead-end ideas.  For example, it took more than 2,500 days just to open a couple of youth soccer fields.  And who can forget the $125,000 playground that ultimately cost $1.25 million after Agran's hand-picked consultants submitted pay demands."

"The project wasn't functioning well," Forde answered, contradicting his earlier assertion about how well things were working until the new council majority took over in January 2013 and eliminated his gravy train. Agran and his loyal, robotic allies Beth Krom and Sukhee Kang spent years praising themselves for creating 'a model' for future public projects, but behind the scenes, screaming, name-calling, cursing, backstabbing, cronyism and gross incompetence marred the languishing endeavor."

[My remarks:  This is what Larry calls "enlightened public planning"?  Oh please!  Larry also says to this very day that the Great Park will be developed and maintained in perpetuity with "private dollars." (

Forde called the audit "a witch hunt."  This is always the rhetoric of politicians and their cronies who are afraid of what will be discovered.  In Larry's case, his sycophants didn't mind a bit that $200,000,000 was squandered for so very little.  They didn't even mind when another $121,300,000 taxpayer dollars were called in from state coffers to run the i-Shuttle fiasco of empty buses running between John Wayne Airport and the AmTrak terminal - for the next 30 years!  But a scant, by Agranista standards, $1,000,000 which is exposing the ugly side of Agran politics, and possible illegal actions... that liberals are genuinely afraid of and simply cannot abide.  How does Larry sleep at night with this embarrassment and the possibly of going to prison?]

Edited September 5, 2014

Is this Larry Agran's future home?

Former OC Sheriff, Mike Carona, is currently serving a 5 1/2 year term in a Colorado federal prison for witness tampering.
In my opinion, the gross misuse of tens of millions of dollars in public funds is a worse offense.

"D.A's Office wants Great Park audit documents"
OC Register
August 29, 2014

"Orange County's district attorney wants copies of everything the Great Park's auditor has and continues to collect, as well as the final audit once it's ready,...

"A wide range of allegations of misuse of public funds have been made with respect to the planning and development of the 'Great Park' wrote Michael Lubinski, who heads the office's special-projects unit, which oversees public-integrity cases."

"In sworn depositions, key players including Great Park CEO Mike Elizey have testified that hired consultants, not the city, ran the show and ran up the bill."

Larry Agran has been trash talking for decades, while his liberal supporters have unfailingly backed him.  The district attorney will not be swayed by smooth rhetoric.  Will an indictment will be handed down for misuse of public funds and trust?  I believe, I hope that it will, spelling an end to Agran's political career, finally.

With his slick and very expensive advertising campaign, including Irvine Community News & Views "newspaper," Larry Agran is, once again, attempting to buy an election to the city council.  Political power is his specialty.  Booted and spurred, as Thomas Sowell says, Agran has the ineluctable urge to control as many people as he possibly can.  This is the liberal paradigm.


Irvine Community News & Views
September 2, 2014

"Great Park Balloon & Carousel

Once free, a ride (sic) on the Great Park Balloon and Carousel is (sic) now subject to stiff fees.  You can thank Mayor Steven Choi and Councilmembers Christina Shea and Jeff Lalloway for that."  (page 5)

Doesn't anyone proofread Agran and Gaido's political publications before mailing them out?  There is not "a ride" on two separate rides.  How silly.   On top of this, they call $2 for the carousel and $10 per adult on the big orange balloon, including their children at no charge, "stiff fees."  The balloon should actually be red to match the color of the ink Larry and Company used for financial statements during the past ten years.  

If Larry and Company call these fees "stiff," then what do they call hundreds of dollars in fees for tennis lessons, art lessons, and all manner of manufactured fun advertised in the expensive mailer sent to all residents of Irvine?

"Inside Irvine" lists Chinese preschool for $480.  (page 29)
Video Game Design costs $299 per student. (page 36)
Junior tennis is $180.  (page 90)

"Mayor Choi's policies of reckless, uncontrolled growth threaten the quality of life that originally drew us to Irvine." - Mary Ann Gaido (page 2 of Irvine Community News & Views)

Whatever happened to freedom and liberty?  Where are our children and grandchildren supposed to live?  Irvine is not "ours" to deny to other people, young or old.  Every city council meeting begins with the pledge of allegiance:
"one nation, under God, indivisible, with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL."  (emphasis added)

Keeping other people out through NIMBYism and restrictions to growth are the exact opposite of liberty.  I find NIMBY selfishness reprehensible.  It adds many billions of dollars to the cost of development.  Leftists, like Larry and Mary Ann and their followers, don't care about practical aspects and unintended consequences.  They simply blather political platitudes however destructive they may be.  

Only the opinions of Larry and Mary Ann's followers are published in their pretend newspaper.  No comments from anybody else are welcome or used.


"The public has the right to know how Forde & Mollrich claims to have delivered $7,230,875 worth of services to the Great Park..." - Irvine World News, Aug 28, 2014, page 3


Irvine Community News & Views
August 26, 2014

"Agran Wins Veterans Cemetery Approval for Great Park"

Oh please.   Larry, a far left-wing extremist is taking credit for supporting veterans now?  It could only have been approved with the support of the very same council members Larry bashes endlessly.

".... Choi, Shea and Lalloway rammed through approval of yet another 4,600 houses at the Great Park..."  (front page)

Agran and Company rammed through $200,000,000 in spending over the last ten years, and what have they to show for it?   The Orange County district attorney's interest in their questionable actions.

Our children and grandchildren want their own homes too.  If you think Orange County is too crowded, move to Zzyzx.  No traffic problem there.  The commute to work may be a problem however.

Melissa Fox (page 6)

She is an obvious rubber stamp for Larry.  

August 2 and prior

It is no wonder that Irvine councilman, Larry Agran, continues to fight this Great Park Audit tooth and nail.  He must know what the findings will be, and clearly does not want the public to see them.  The cost of just 50 of Agran's change orders exceeded $15.4 million and he carps about a fraction of that for an audit?  That is 57 times as "eye popping," (as Agran called it) as the $270,000 cost for the following audit.*

* (Starred items, pages 34, 35.)

Since I am not an attorney, I can't say that anything so far revealed was illegal, but much certainly seems to me both improper and unethical.

July 17 update:

Today's Irvine World News quotes Larry Agran on its July 17 front page, who said it was "a political witch hunt masquerading as an audit."

I think most of us would call it "transparency."  Is Mr. Agran that afraid of what will be found and exposed to daylight?

"... four former full-time executives and consultants protected by councilman and Great Park Chairman Larry Agran routinely overcharged for work that didn't need to be done or had to be done over."  - Ibid

"... he (Elizey) went to the park's director of finance to suggest cutting it (Forde & Mullrich's $100,000 a month retainer) to $25,000 a month.  ... the finance director and another staffer laughed."

"... Agran's political strength was often cited as a factor for doing what he wished with the park's development." - Ibid

July 31 update:

"How connected they (powerful contractors) were to Larry Agran and how powerful Larry Agran was as an individual, and don't even think of messing with it because you will get smothered if you even try," Mr. Elizey said. - Editorial, OC Register, July 31, 2014

... the others offer some similarly telling stories about political overreach at the park... - Ibid

... the picture already forming is simply one of government gone wrong. - Ibid


About thirty years ago, I personally recall Larry Agran's words as a city councilman in a public meeting verbatim:  "Let's pass this ordinance and worry about paying for it later."  Larry has demonstrated public fiscal irresponsibility for decades.  Can anyone tell me one full-time job he has held in the past three decades to support himself?  Just one?

The Great Park Audit
Page 1 of 49 (excerpts)

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 Yes, $212,940,625, and counting.

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